• If there’s one thing I know in this life: we are beggars all.
  • At times so self destructive with no intent or motive, but behind this emotion, there lies a sensible heart.
  • I’m in no shape for a new day, I'm in no mood for a better place or a fix or your pretty face. I’m just not in the mood.
  • Say something and close the door, And break the silence in our room, Hold your breath, let you through, Just for a moment this is our shelter.
  • With your hands wide open, 
Renew the days we all thought lost, 
Renew the days, 
Let go, 
Release, revolve, renew
  • don’t even try, 
to maximize these plans, 
I steal, 
I catch this wind, 
after all of my lies, 
don’t you dare fall for, 
how I could be depends, 
on the cold you bring
  • And if my heart just stops, keep me alive for a minute.
I want to know if a curtain drops.
  • So I don't care if you dance well
'cause fashion can't replace content and passion is lost between scene points and greasy hair.
  • I speak in sarcasm to relate to all the things I appreciate
I lie in rhythm to open doors I follow suit and just want more
  • Stay tame, soft river, while we weigh our faith, stay sweet, run softly, sweet river, the fool who wades in doubt will float like concrete.
  • You're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for.
  • New wars. New kings. The pigs came here to take everything. No wars. No kings. We gotta stop the blood-letting.
  •  I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees, I'd rather die on my feet so you can WATCH ME RISE
  • I took the whole damn ride, with my best friends by my side, the days turned into nights and we held on with all our might
  • what the fuck are you so afraid of? as strong as lions but you never showed your fucking teeth.

30 kwietnia 2012


Band's Request

Madame de Montespan ex-guitarist and vocalist is now in a new band. Checking them is a must. Screamo with  a slight dose of blackened metal.

Voix Blanches - 2012 | 320kbps

20 kwietnia 2012


Band's Request

413 is the name behind which hides the young basque David Pisabarro. This vocationally self-taught bass player first cut his teeth in various local-scene bands, in which he began to realize his maverick skills as a musician and writer, even as a constant caregiver of sounds, textures, layers and lyrics. Always delving into the dark side of art and the human being, 413’s music is passionate, seeker of new limits on the conventions that have been established gradually in contemporary music, feeling increasingly more comfortable in the experimental edge of the art and of itself , somewhere between what we label post-folk and post-rock, not ever dreading the risk of the very concept of sound. This passion also translates into a never-ending effort to soak up every single detail that will serve in his relationship with music or the learning process itself, as an author and as a producer.

18 kwietnia 2012


Band's Request

pq is a cinematic tapestry of lush melodies, merging endless layers of prepared guitars with crisp electronica. Propagating on - though not necessarily drawing from - influences ranging from Canadian apocalyptical post-rock to Nordic indietronica, and occasionally incorporating classical elements along the way, pq provides a most titillating soundtrack to any willing contemporary image.

Les Doux

Band's Request

Great band, needs a lot more listeners. If you are a fan of the new wave of scremo/post-hardcore (Touche Amore, La Dispute, Pianos Become Teeth) bands then you are sure to love this one. Although this band is different because of the prominent bluesy-guitar riffs. If you want something powerful and emotional this is ideal for you.

Self-Titled EP - 2010 | 320kbps
Dialects - 2011 | 320kbps

17 kwietnia 2012


Band's Request

(aura) is a solo musical project of Portuguese composer André Fernandes aiming to explore and fuse diversified and (potentially) antagonic musical languages and emotions.

Invisible Landscape - 2010 | 320kbps

16 kwietnia 2012

Town Portal

Band's Request

Town Portal play instrumental rock that crosses borders of genres. Tapping on experience from earlier endeavors in genres like death metal, shoegaze and math rock, the three members bring components of it all into a melting pot, creating a unique niche of original melodies and harmonies, fixated on a skeleton of complex and playful rhythm structures. Under the dogma of forsaking vocals and other superfluous effects, the band throw themselves into a search of new meaningful ways to compose tones over time, with a heavy and dry precision.

14 kwietnia 2012


Band's Request

Now defunct Denver, Colorado based dissonant hardcore group that formed in June of 2008. In August of 2010, they recorded nine of the songs that they had written in the two years prior, eight of which were released as ‘Palindromes’. After a lineup change that October, they briefly adopted a new moniker and began working on new material before permanently disbanding in March of 2011. On 3 April 2011 they performed for the last time, with their original lineup and name intact.

13 kwietnia 2012

12 kwietnia 2012


So what we got here? A band with non-black metal image, layered guitar tones, massive wall of sound, screamo like vocals, nice touch of post-rock moments and shoegaze trips.

Demo - 2010 | 320kbps
Roads to Judah - 2011 | 320kbps


Band's Request

Coalspur is a three piece Edmontonian screamo band birthed from good books and better friends. They maintain themes of emo such as The Saddest Landscape, along with more sporadic, fleeting skramz such as Loma Prieta.

11 kwietnia 2012

CN Roundhouse Kick

Band's Request

CN Roundhouse Kick is an amalgamation of many styles of hardcore, all into one aggressive mind-fuck. Simply: good German screamo (a bit crusty) from Leipzig.

9 kwietnia 2012


Band's Request

after more than two years of hiatus the guys of Men as Trees reunited and move on as Locktender. Now they are playing a bit rougher but still experimental hardcore music.

7 kwietnia 2012


Band's Request

Gatherer is a 5 piece hardcore band from Bayonne, NJ. For fans of Touche Amore, Modern Life Is War, and 

The Lowest

For me this is a hardcore debut of the year. Heavy beatdown-hardcore music, with strong methaphorical lyrics and passion. Whole album shows how fragile we are: "we are the lowest; there is no hope for us; there's no tomorrow; we break like glass". Highly recommended!


Band's Request

Studying is a band of bummer dudes from northern Virginia.

5 kwietnia 2012

We Had A Deal

Band's Request

Melodic hardcore mixed with a little bit of 90′s screamo really gets me going in the morning. We Had A Deal is a four piece from all about Germany and these three songs blow my mind. Multiple vocalist? Check! Breakdowns? Check! Sing alongs? Check!

3 kwietnia 2012

Sleepmakeswaves UPDATE

Sleepmakeswaves are an instrumental rock band from Sydney, Australia. Drawing influences mainly from but not limited to post-rock, the young quartet mix driving metallic bombast with textured electronics to create a sonic space where delicate melodies and thunderous climaxes peacefully co-exist.

Sleepmakeswaves & Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Split - 2009 | 320kbps

...And So We Destroyed Everything - 2011 | 320kbps
Sleepmakeswaves EP - 2012 | 320kbps

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