• If there’s one thing I know in this life: we are beggars all.
  • At times so self destructive with no intent or motive, but behind this emotion, there lies a sensible heart.
  • I’m in no shape for a new day, I'm in no mood for a better place or a fix or your pretty face. I’m just not in the mood.
  • Say something and close the door, And break the silence in our room, Hold your breath, let you through, Just for a moment this is our shelter.
  • With your hands wide open, 
Renew the days we all thought lost, 
Renew the days, 
Let go, 
Release, revolve, renew
  • don’t even try, 
to maximize these plans, 
I steal, 
I catch this wind, 
after all of my lies, 
don’t you dare fall for, 
how I could be depends, 
on the cold you bring
  • And if my heart just stops, keep me alive for a minute.
I want to know if a curtain drops.
  • So I don't care if you dance well
'cause fashion can't replace content and passion is lost between scene points and greasy hair.
  • I speak in sarcasm to relate to all the things I appreciate
I lie in rhythm to open doors I follow suit and just want more
  • Stay tame, soft river, while we weigh our faith, stay sweet, run softly, sweet river, the fool who wades in doubt will float like concrete.
  • You're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for.
  • New wars. New kings. The pigs came here to take everything. No wars. No kings. We gotta stop the blood-letting.
  •  I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees, I'd rather die on my feet so you can WATCH ME RISE
  • I took the whole damn ride, with my best friends by my side, the days turned into nights and we held on with all our might
  • what the fuck are you so afraid of? as strong as lions but you never showed your fucking teeth.

31 marca 2011

Young Widows NEW!

There Will Be Fireworks

An untypical band from Glasgow, United Kingdom. A sublime mix of dreamy post-rock soundscapes and outright aggression, in a positive sense. And the unhealthy scottishness of the singer's voice just make them more agressive and noisy. The compositions have amazing background, mix of waves of static, piano, violin, noisy guitar. Pay attention to details is the best thing about this kind of music. You should listen this amazing stuff, as they said - there will be fireworks!

There Will Be Fireworks - 2009 | 320kbps

28 marca 2011

When We Fall

Maybe some of You know, maybe not, that Daniel Öhman, much better known as a member of swedisch post-rock band Ef, has a few other projects on side (I count 5 with Ef), which have so much variety of genres and music kinds: from electronic, through post rock, indie and ending in Hardcore project When We Fall (maybe someday we will have all of them on blog:). And I can swear that every of them are quite awesome! As I wrote, WWF is a HC group. Swedes characterized by melodic-line of songs and Daniel's emotional attitude to singing, which has been seeing during their intense live performing. It was passionate, expressive and wild from the second they enter the stage until the last chord is strummed. I wrote 'was', because unfortunately band broken up in 2009, but for sure during these years they gave a big lesson for everybody how the real HC band should look's like. Highly reccomended!

A Cry In Despair EP - 2005 | VBR
We untrue our minds LP - 2008 | 320kbs

ps. If someone has their demo, please send it to me!

Up There: The Clouds

"This surely is just a small glimpse of how great this band really could become". These are the words that Gary Davidson has written for the first release by Up There: The Clouds. They are young, they are from Rimini (Italy) and they are able to take post-rock and managed it to create something "that drip with so much originality." The music is, despite the apparent contradiction, highly energetic guitar post-rock, with a vibrant rhythm section, melancholic chords and frantic explosions of cinematic effect. First EP comes in a handmade digipack, made under our DIY ethic with a unique artistic approach to the creation. Second EP is also a DIY: "An home made tape, built for you with all our love <3" as they wrote on their bandcamp. That band will be something mervellous in some near future, I'm sure of that!

Up There: The Clouds EP - 2010 | 320kbs
EP - 2011 | 320kbs

Jeniferever NEW!

Jeniferever is a band from Uppsala, Sweden. Their music could be described as ambient, indie porst rock; it is slow-paced, melodic, and frequently building to an orchestral-like climax. Swedish music always was curious and one of its kind - and this is also in this case! New album is less post-rockin, more melodic ans song-a-like, but still interesting.

25 marca 2011

Emery NEW!

Alternative-Rock band Emery was formed in Rock Hill, South Carolina USA, in 2001 when the six recent college graduates decided to pursue music full-time; upon making their decision, they also uprooted to move across country to Seattle in search of a more diverse music scene. While the band avoid the stigma of being labeled a "Christian band," the members are all Christian, exploring a wide variety of lyrical themes in their music. While on tour, the band has announced that they will be coming out with an acoustic album later this year. That could be interesting thing.

Date Rape NEW!

Date Rape is a screamo/punk band from Kiev, Ukraine formed in 2009. I see that our east neighbors develop in music market, which is visible by more and more new interesting bands on its scene. That's a good think!

Mnmnts NEW!

is a post-hardcore/punk-band from Koblenz/Trier, Germany featuring ex-members of Ten Years A Day, A Case of Grenada and Rachel Casca. We had to wait 3 years for their debut album after they have released nice EP in 2008. And now we have a long play with new versions of old songs and some new tracks. Taste it!

The Good Life LP - 2011 | VBR
Older releases

23 marca 2011

Eric Ayotte

Eric Ayotte is a Halo Fauna's singer in his solo acoustic project, which seem to be some kind of the rage of current days. Sometimes tagged as 'punk', probably because of his lyrical discontent of a present world connected with motivation and determination to be happy, better and stronger at the same time! Suprisingly his music is so light, funny and catchy. When I was on his gig some time ago with Portugeses from Adorno (Eric is their good friend, what was visible during the show), amazing thing was that everybody from the crew sang his songs on a full throat with so much passion and energy and everything in magical familiar atmosphere. That was remarkable! Recently he put out an album of songs he wrote to his grandfather’s poetry. It’s some pretty amazing stuff.

Odds & Ends LP - 2007 | 128kbs :(
Remnants Of Storytown LP - 2008 | VBR
Self-Titled 7'' EP - 2008 | 256kbs
Wavering LP - 2010 | 320kbs
+ ADORNO - Split - 7'' - 2010 | VBR

15 marca 2011

Funeral For A Friend NEW!

Jets To Brazil

Jets to Brazil was an American rock band. It was founded by Blake Schwarzenbach, former frontman of Jawbreaker, who found himself in Brooklyn, New York, after Jawbreaker disbanded. There he united with friend Jeremy Chatelain and
then they asked Chris Daly, previously the drummer for Texas Is the Reason, to join them. Following its eventual success they went on to release Four Cornered Night, which introduced the fourth member of the band: former Van Pelt guitarist, Brian Maryansky. By 2003 the band had broken up, for unspecified reasons. Similiar to Jawbreaker, Lifetime, but maybe more gentle then this two bands.

9 marca 2011


Defeater, a hardcore group from Boston, Massachusetts formed in 2004 and solidified in 2008, is a forward-thinking hardcore band with much more than just mosh parts. They are the one of the modern-hardcore groups which can't be mislead with any other. Music full of emotions, passion and wise, metaphorical lyrics are the components that I like the most in hardcore music. New LP is a meticulously recorded concept album telling a story about a fictional family set in post-WWII, working class New Jersey. This second full-length is a double-LP opus. The ‘Empty Days’ section comprises 10 dark, tightly textured, brilliantly invigorating hardcore songs with 'crying man' vocal reminding La Dispute or Touche Amore, while ‘Sleepless Nights’ features four, more delicate, acoustic tracks that, while lacking the cathartic aggression, stand up as fine, affecting songs, with or without ‘Empty Days’’ preceding context. Absolutely amazing.

Travels LP - 2008 | VBR
Lost Ground EP - 2009 | VBR
Empty Days & Sleepless Nights LP - 2011 | 224kbs

8 marca 2011


New trend in modern electronic music: "witch house". Slow mix of hip-hop, dubstep, electro, idm, gothic, shoegaze, and ritual ambient/ethereal/noise/drone sound. Dark and deppresive, but on the other hand - athmospheric and beautiful. If you like discovering something new, fresh and original - just take it. Probably, you have never heard like this before.

4 marca 2011

Our Ceasing Voice NEW!

In the middle of the Austrian Alps, the post-rock quartett Our Ceasing Voice was founded in late 2006. To achieve their depressing, yet incomprehensibly beautiful sound, Our Ceasing Voice utilizes the perfect blend between hypnotizing ambient and epic outbursts soaking with melancholia. New album, with its soft, melancholic slowcore parts, sometimes remind me some tracks of Ecsape the day, which of course should be treated as a compliment. As a curiosity I can say that one of the member of band (Chris) is a person joint responsible for creating and working of quite popular post-rock webside postrockcommunity , so, for sure, You can expect so many kinds of influences connected with their misterious music.

When the headline hit home LP - 2011 | 320kbs
Older Releases

3 marca 2011


Narrows are comprised of a seasoned cast of musicians: Dave Verellen (Botch, Roy), Rob Moran (Unbroken, Some Girls), Ryan Fredereksen (These Arms Are Snakes), Jodie Cox (Tropics, Bullet Union), and Sam Stothers (Makeout Boys, Quarantine). Recorded by Ben Verellen (Roy) and mixed by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Botch, etc). What more can I say? You have to hear them.

Narrows EP - 2008 | VBR
New Distances - 2009 | 320kbps
Narrows & Heiress - Split - 2010 | VBR

These Arms Are Snakes

Band formed in 2002 in Seattle. Born of the ashes of Botch and Kill Sadie. They're breaking post-hardcore standars. They seem to get better with every album. On January 15, 2010, the band released a statement announcing their end. Members of TAAS play actually in Russian Circles and Narrows (I will upload them too, soon).

This Is Meant To Hurt You EP - 2003 | VBR
Harkonen & These Arms Are Snakes - Split - Like A Vrigin - 2004 | 320kbps
Oxeneers or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home - 2004 | 320kbps
Good Friday EP - 2006 | VBR
Easter - 2006 | 320kbps
Pelican & These Arms Are Snakes - Split - 2008 | 320kbps
Tail Swallower & Dove - 2008 | 320kbps
Russian Circles & These Arms Are Snakes - Split - 2008 | VBR (from Russian Circles' post)