• If there’s one thing I know in this life: we are beggars all.
  • At times so self destructive with no intent or motive, but behind this emotion, there lies a sensible heart.
  • I’m in no shape for a new day, I'm in no mood for a better place or a fix or your pretty face. I’m just not in the mood.
  • Say something and close the door, And break the silence in our room, Hold your breath, let you through, Just for a moment this is our shelter.
  • With your hands wide open, 
Renew the days we all thought lost, 
Renew the days, 
Let go, 
Release, revolve, renew
  • don’t even try, 
to maximize these plans, 
I steal, 
I catch this wind, 
after all of my lies, 
don’t you dare fall for, 
how I could be depends, 
on the cold you bring
  • And if my heart just stops, keep me alive for a minute.
I want to know if a curtain drops.
  • So I don't care if you dance well
'cause fashion can't replace content and passion is lost between scene points and greasy hair.
  • I speak in sarcasm to relate to all the things I appreciate
I lie in rhythm to open doors I follow suit and just want more
  • Stay tame, soft river, while we weigh our faith, stay sweet, run softly, sweet river, the fool who wades in doubt will float like concrete.
  • You're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for.
  • New wars. New kings. The pigs came here to take everything. No wars. No kings. We gotta stop the blood-letting.
  •  I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees, I'd rather die on my feet so you can WATCH ME RISE
  • I took the whole damn ride, with my best friends by my side, the days turned into nights and we held on with all our might
  • what the fuck are you so afraid of? as strong as lions but you never showed your fucking teeth.

31 stycznia 2010

More Than Life

Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst is an musician who played in several bands including Bright Eyes, Desaperacidos and Monsters Of Folk. Oberst began his musical career at age 13 and self-released his debut album Water. He is one of the founding members of the independent record label Saddle Creek Records.
“Weaving from romantic sagas to doomsday prophecies, Oberst delivers his most mature and connected work to date. His sharply written heartland vignettes are set to graceful melodies and swaddled in lush orchestration and layers of breezy acoustic instrumentation…prospects for the music’s creator look bright indeed. “ – USA Today
I have no doubt that he's the most talented and the best singer-songwriter of alternative scene.

Solo (Acoustic, Folk, Experimental):
Water - 1993 | 192kbps
Here's To Special Treatment - 1994 | 192kbps
The Soundtrack to My Movie - 1996 | 192kbps
Kill The Monster Beforie It Eats Baby (Split EP with Bill Hoover) - 1996 | 192kbps
Conor Oberst - 2008 | VBR

Commander Venus (Alternative):
Do You Feel At Home? - 1995 | 192kbps
The Uneventful Vacation - 1997 | 192kbps

Park Ave. (Alternative):
When Jamie Went To London... We Broke Up - 1999 | 192kbps

Desaparecidos (Post-Hardcore, Alternative):
Read Music/Speak Spanish - 2002 | 320kbps

Bright Eyes (Alternative, Acoustic, Experimental):
A Collection Of Songs Written And Recorded 1995-1997 - 1998 | 320kbps
Part I | Part II
Letting Off The Hapiness - 1998 | 320kbps
Part I | Part II
Every Day And Every Night EP - 1999 | 320kbps
Fevers And Mirrors - 2000 | 320kbps
Part I | Part II
Bright Eyes & Her Space Holiday - Split - 2000 | 192kbps
Bright Eyes & Son, Ambulance - Split - Insound Tour Support Series No.12 - 2000 | 192kbps
Don't Be Frightened Of Turning the Page EP - 2001 | 320kbps
The Music Of Son & Son, Ambulence & Bright Eyes - Split - Oh Holy Fools - 2001 | 320kbps
There's No Beginning To The Story EP - 2002 | 320kbps
Lifted or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground - 2002 | 320kbps
Part I | Part II
Britt Daniel & Bright Eyes - Split - Home: Volume IV - 2002 | 320kbps
The Album Leaf & Bright Eyes - The Collaboration no. 1 - Split - 2002 | 192kbps
A Christmas Album - 2002 | 320kbps
One Jug Of Wine, Two Vessels EP - 2004 | 320kbps
I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning - 2005 | 320kbps
Part I | Part II
Digital Ash In a Digital Urn - 2005 | 320kbps
Part I | Part II
Motion Sickness: Live Recordings - 2005 | 320kbps
Part I | Part II
Noise Floor (Rarites: 1998-2005) - 2006 | 320kbps
Part I | Part II
Cassadaga - 2007 | 320kbps
Part I | Part II

Singles, hidden tracks, one-song EP's and others
Part I | Part II

Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band (Country, Folk, Alternative, Experimental):
Gentleman's Pact - 2008 | 192kbps
Outer South - 2009 | VBR

Monsters Of Folk (Folk, Alternative, Experimental):
Monsters Of Folk - 2009 | VBR
Part I | Part II