• If there’s one thing I know in this life: we are beggars all.
  • At times so self destructive with no intent or motive, but behind this emotion, there lies a sensible heart.
  • I’m in no shape for a new day, I'm in no mood for a better place or a fix or your pretty face. I’m just not in the mood.
  • Say something and close the door, And break the silence in our room, Hold your breath, let you through, Just for a moment this is our shelter.
  • With your hands wide open, 
Renew the days we all thought lost, 
Renew the days, 
Let go, 
Release, revolve, renew
  • don’t even try, 
to maximize these plans, 
I steal, 
I catch this wind, 
after all of my lies, 
don’t you dare fall for, 
how I could be depends, 
on the cold you bring
  • And if my heart just stops, keep me alive for a minute.
I want to know if a curtain drops.
  • So I don't care if you dance well
'cause fashion can't replace content and passion is lost between scene points and greasy hair.
  • I speak in sarcasm to relate to all the things I appreciate
I lie in rhythm to open doors I follow suit and just want more
  • Stay tame, soft river, while we weigh our faith, stay sweet, run softly, sweet river, the fool who wades in doubt will float like concrete.
  • You're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for.
  • New wars. New kings. The pigs came here to take everything. No wars. No kings. We gotta stop the blood-letting.
  •  I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees, I'd rather die on my feet so you can WATCH ME RISE
  • I took the whole damn ride, with my best friends by my side, the days turned into nights and we held on with all our might
  • what the fuck are you so afraid of? as strong as lions but you never showed your fucking teeth.

31 października 2011

29 października 2011

Deer Leap

Band's Request

Three friends from southern NH that make emo-ie, prog-ish, post-core, rock-type music. The band is predominantly influenced by emo bands of the past and present (jimmy eat world, appleseed cast, get up kids) as well as atmospheric rock bands (mogwai, explosions in the sky, sigur ros). The band formed in the summer of 2009 and is very much a product of all the members have learned from their past experiences playing in many bands prior to Deer Leap.

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

Band's Request

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die formed in the fall of 2009 in Willimantic, CT and play a unique brand of post-rock-damaged second wave emo. Their songs are written about the joys and pains of being alive from a collective perspective.


Marat is a Band from Groningen, Netherlands.
They formed in March 2006, in it also two former Members of better known screamo Band Shikari. They quit after only eight months and played their last show on 18th November in Viadukt in Groningen.

*Ignore the low quality, it's too epic to miss it.

Strike a Match

Band's Request

Strike a Match (most commonly referred to as SAM) is a punk band from Oslo, Norway with members from Damage Control, Death Is Not Glamorous, Soulfire, Subject to Change, Ded Skolz, Le Pest and Black Mask. They played their first concert at Humla in November 2009.

26 października 2011

FareWell Poetry

FareWell Poetry is a collective of Parisian musicians and an Anglo-saxon poet and filmmaker. From indie to modern classical to drone and shoegaze, spoken word and experimental film, FareWell Poetry represents the pooled influences of its core members and passionate collaborators. The band's richly arranged songs seek out subtle and luminous climaxes, the hypnotically simple melodies falling away like scaffolding to reveal a complex structure narrated by a haunted voice drumming out a dark poetry, echoes from a deep well.

Hualun (花伦)

Hua Lun (花伦) is a Chinese band that started in Wuhan as a Britpop influenced band in 2004 and has undergone several changes. The band’s interest slowly changed to the howling wall of Post-Rock noise and melody and thus settled on this very sound in late 2006. Since, then they have extensively toured the east coast and have received widespread attention and public recognition. They finally released their highly-anticipated debut album, Silver Daydream in early 2008 and have been regarded as the pioneers of the new wave of Post-Rock bands in China. For their second album, Asian River in 2010, they 45moved to the Maybe Mars label. Probably one of the best Chinese post-rock bands. For sure worth to check!

Silver Daydream LP - 2008 | VBR
Asian River LP - 2010 | 320kbs

Life In Your Way NEW!

24 października 2011

Wolf Shaped Clouds

Band's Request

Noisy screamo from Budapest and Tatabánya, Hungary.

22 października 2011

Sea Breezes

Band's Request

Sea Breezes is an aggressive yet melodic band from the Baltimore/DC area. They are heavily influenced by shoegaze and post-rock bands like This Will Destroy You and My Bloody Valentine as well as modern screamo bands like Suis La Lune and Lome Prieta. The band is made up of members of a lot of defunct bands like Age Sixteen, Batcomputer, Shadow Govt, Silenced Furies and more.

21 października 2011


Band's Request

Post-hardcore band from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Rusk Remo

Rusk Remo is a young emo/indie/screamo band out of Tomsk, Russia. They play together since the summer of 2010. From June to November, looking for their sound, several times changed the composition, recorded some demo tracks. Since November, They play in today’s composition. In 2011 band released they debut EP Мой Серый Город. Young and energetic with sound a little like old-school emo bands.

19 października 2011

Laura NEW!

The one thing I want to say, is that as Laura gets older they get better - as a wine. New album is be-au-ti-ful! Charming, diverse, versatile, gorgeous and so... I already love it. Thank you, Laura.

Twelve Hundred Times LP - 2011 | 320kbs

Oldre Releases

Hammock NEW!

13 października 2011


The Parisian post-rock/experimental Kwoon was born in 2006, the year of its first self produced album Tales and Dreams. A first chapter that stunned as it traced the lines of a universe free and colorful, finely illustrated by the video clip many times awarded I Lived on the Moon. Their music is a combination of delicate and mature, sometimes evolve to strong and heavy.

Tales And Dreams LP - 2006 | 320kbs
When The Flowers Were Singing LP - 2009 | 320kbs
The Guillotine Show EP - 2011 | 320kbs

12 października 2011

4 października 2011

La Dispute NEW!

La Dispute is five close friends from Grand Rapids, Michigan with a firm passion for the concept of music and art as a medium for making new friends. As a result, La Dispute makes (or strives to make) music that is both artistically, technically, and emotionally engaging in hopes of establishing legitimate connections with any and all interested people, while encouraging dialogue between those people and themselves about things in life that truly matter and that truly last. La Dispute also carries a firm passion for the relevance of a live show, both for the bands involved and for the people in attendance, and will go to the grave believing that the environment created when strangers come together despite their differences to celebrate one important thing is invaluable and should not under any circumstances be taken for granted.

Wildlife LP - 2011 | 320kbs

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